Beautiful Baby Girl!

After a long hiatus, I am back to doing newborn shoots. It’s quite difficult to keep up with my photography while working full time and starting another business of making all kinds of bags ( If the cards play out right, I will be retiring from my full time job in the next year or two and then I will have more time to dedicate to these two things that I love–photography and sewing.

So, without further ado…here are some photos of a beautiful baby girl I had the privilege to photograph this past June.

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Little Boys in Black & White

I love black and white photos–I love how they can be dramatic as well as innocent. I love the way the shadows play softly along with the subject. Here are a few photos of my favorite little boy enjoying some summer fun–playing in the creek, collecting rocks to throw in the creek and finally, the joy of learning how to swing on his own (although he still needs a little push every now and then). I even entered these photos in a contest on–Black & White’s Showing Children Being Children (crossing my fingers I might win). I used Greater Than Gatsby’s new Innocence Collection Lightroom Presets to convert these to black and white. It’s an awesome addition to your Adobe Lightroom, if you have it!Matthew_In_the_Creek_B&W_LogoMatthew_Collecting_Rocks_B&W_LogoLovin'_the_Swing_B&W_Logo


Innocence of a Child

The innocence of a child is truly a marvel! I’m very happy to be able to catch that innocence with my camera. On a recent trip to Gettysburg, PA visiting with my daughter and grandson–my little cutie loved the canons. So dressed in his Union Soldier hat and his toy gun, off we went to check them out. He not understanding the importance of this battlefield and what our country went through here, played around pretending to shoot his gun, crouching down and investigating the canons. All very innocent to him and at the same time heavy on my heart–knowing the history that took place here. Here are a couple of images from our time here.Matthew_Gettysburg_2_LogoMatthew_Gettysburg_1_Logo

Family/Child Photo Shoot

Did a fall photo shoot with three adorable boys and got a family shot in there too. The warmer than usual autumn days here in New York have led to some awesome outdoor photography! Aren’t they so cute! I did bribe them a little with some chocolate chip cookies when we were done. 🙂The_Whisten_Boys_1_LogoWhiston Family Logo

Sweet Little Baby “L” has Arrived!

The newest arrival to my newborn photography at just 16 days young. This little sweetie was a joy to photograph today! Love the smell of babies, the little squeaks they make, the cute stretches when trying to get comfortable, the tiny pink lips and so much more. Who wouldn’t LOVE this job!

Back to School

This week Matthew started Pre-K. Where has the time gone? Three years old, potty trained and talking a mile a minute–what a personality he has developed! So, instead of the regular first day of school pictures…of course I did a little photo shoot. Here are some of the results of our fun time taking pictures. I just LOVE this little boy to pieces!ac_9-12-15-4917-Edit LogoMatthew_Pre-K_1_LogoMatthew_Pre-K_3_LogoMatthew_Pre-K_2_Logoac_9-12-15-4912-Logo

Sweet Little One Year Old

I had the privilege to do a photo shoot for a one year olds birthday. What an angel and so cute too! I just can’t get enough of her piercing blue eyes and her curly red hair! Happy Birthday Little R!



There is Nothing Sweeter

…then a boy and his bear. Darling pictures of my grandson with his Great Grandmother’s Teddy Bear, Bee Positive. A walk in the state park makes for a GREAT photo shoot. I used my “Nifty Fifty” camera lens to shoot these–Canon 50mm, f1.8 (LOVE this lens), mounted on my Canon 60D. These photos are oozing with childhood innocence and sweetness. Can’t wait to print these for a really nice series to enjoy!






I’m Back After a Long Hiatus

Well, I’m back after being among the missing for quite a while! To be exact, it’s been 5 months to the day since my last post–shame on me.  I have been taking pictures here and there, but life has been soooo busy this year that I am quite behind in processing. So, now I am on vacation and have a bit of time to hopefully catch up on processing, catch up on reading, catch up with the many online classes I have signed up for and to take more photos!

So, to put my actions into play…today my daughter and I took my grandson to a couple of parks for a photo shoot while visiting family in Pennsylvania. Here are a few of my favorites!ac_8-2-2015-3460ac_8-2-2015-3457-2ac_8-2-2015-3545ac_8-2-2015-3625

Trying to Beat the Winter Blues

I have to admit that this cold and snowy winter is finally getting to me! Not only am I climbing the walls everywhere I go, but I’m actually feeling angry and depressed. That is so not me–I usually find the silver lining in most situations! Then it hit me…not only have I been trapped inside because of the ever mounting snow/ice here on Long Island, but I have not taken my camera out for any photographs. My lack of creativity has me wanting to jump out of my skin! So, trying to beat my winter blues…yesterday after work I forced myself to go on an excursion with my camera to the beach–wide open spaces and no walls. It was windy and cold…but it was BEAUTIFUL, INVIGORATING and SPECTACULAR! The waves crashing, the snow mixed with sand and birds everywhere! So here are a few photos from the wintry beach on March 2, 2015–Robert Moses State Park, Field 5. And…I do feel a bit better–not so angry, blue or depressed. Crashing_Waves_WebSeaguls_WebSnowy_Beach_WebWinter_Surf_WebSeaguls_in_Surf_WebPiping_Plover_2_Web

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Allison Connors is a Long Island, NY photographer specializing in {artistic, natural, inviting} newborn, children, family photography and Photo Art.

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Allison Connors is a Long Island, NY photographer specializing in {artistic, natural, inviting} newborn, children, family photography and Photo Art.

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