Fun with Digital Photo Creativity

As promised here is a photo of Matthew after the blizzard. Truth be told, we didn’t go out and play after the snow stopped on Tuesday–it was just too cold and still way to windy! So, I got a couple of shots the next day on the way to school. Here is one that I took on my front porch, but the background was too distracting. Easily fixed–I also had a photo of snow. So, I extracted Matthew from the porch picture and layered it on top of the snow photo. I then tweaked the photo with Greater Than Gatsby Innocence Actions, layered some textures with blending modes, added a film strip frame by Karen Russell,  text and a Rhonna Ferrer number brush. Digital creativity in Photoshop–so much fun!Matthew_Jan_28_2015_Logo

Some Still Life Photo Art on a Snowy Day

Well, I’m snowed in with my grandson and daughter up here on Long Island, NY. So what better way to spend some time in Ligthroom and Photoshop creating Photo Art. Once it stops snowing and after Matthew’s nap, hopefully we will get outside and I can take some snowy pictures of him. Until then…here is My Cuppa Warmth–hot chocolate for the 2015 Blizzard Juno!

Still life photo:
Canon 60D, Manual Mode, 1/320 sec, f 2.8, ISO 200
Lightroom: Preset Kim Klassen Chocolate, Adjusted Exposure, Vignette Effect
Photoshop: Layered with KK Texture Oceanside-Darken Blend, Layered KK Texture Rainyday-Color Burn Blend, Layered Texture Magic KK2-Screen Blend, Karen Russel Frame-Color Burn Blend @ 50%, Greater Than Gastby Actions Make it Pop & Vignette, Font-1781 La Fayette set to Color Burn Blend and Rhonna Farrer Swirl Brush set to Color Burn Blend.



Mini Photographer in Training

Matthew got a camera for Christmas. My daughter says she just deletes all the pictures, because he is an expert of taking pictures of the floor. So, when we were away visiting family this past weekend, I tried to show him how to take a picture. Let me tell you, it was quite comical! I showed him the view finder, just like on Ga-ga’s (that’s what he calls me) camera. I told him to look through it with one eye and to close the other eye–he would close both eyes. Once he finally understood looking through the view finder I told him to look and see if he could see me waving to him. Then I told him, when he sees me to push the button to take the picture. So, he would see me through the view finder and then point the camera to the floor and push the button. LOL, no wonder he has so many floor photos–but what do you want from a two-year old? Here is a photo I took of him trying to take a picture with his camera–you can even see his little eye through the view finder. I won’t give up–someday he will being taking great pictures of things other than the floor!Matthew_with_Camera_2

Baby Photos

Here are a couple of baby photos processed with Lightroom and then Photoshop. I am totally LOVING these actions by Greater Than Gatsby. I use a combination of the Newborn Essentials and the Innocence Collection. I usually take my photos in Camera RAW, then into Lightroom for a few adjustments, then complete the edit in Photoshop until I finally save them as a JPEG. Not a bad process with the ease of these programs.

I didn’t take too many photos over Christmas–what I did take are still in my camera. Will endeavor to get them off and processed soon.

James_Sweeny_8 - LogoJames_Sweeny_15 - Logo

Sweet Baby James

I did a Christmas photo shoot of a little cutie this afternoon. Sweet Baby James is six months old, and what a joy he was to photograph! Everything goes in his mouth, he liked rolling all over the floor and  he was a  little wobbly still when trying to sit…but did I mention how cute he was?





B & W Conversion

I love black and white photos! Black & white…with the awesome shades of grey, fantastic shadows–it creates a photo with mood and emotion. Here is a before straight out of the camera and the after with Photoshop tweaking.

IMG_8588copyMathew vs HotdogBWlogo

Mother & Son

Capturing the special relationships between mother and son are wonderful at any age. As a toddler is growing and asserting bits of independence, he is still so dependent on mom–learning from her every step of the way. His world revolves around the woman who loves him unconditionally and he loves her unconditionally as well. Mom is the woman he will give his first kiss to, the first woman he will give his heart to and the first woman he will look up to. Watching these emotions evolve, fill my heart with joy and I am so happy that I can freeze these tender moments for both mom and son to remember forever.

Heather & Matthew with LogoHeather & Matthew Kiss with LogoHeather & Matthew on the Beach with LogoHeather & Matthew Lighthouse with Logo

Post Processing

My goal when shooting photos is to try and get them right straight out of the camera. I do shoot in Camera RAW, so I need to do a little post process. My go to software hands down are Abobe Lightroom and Adobe Photoshop (CS6 is the PS version I use). They both come with a learning curve, but there are lessons on YouTube as well as many other companies. I love SLR Lounge for their Lightroom Instuctions–they ar very clear and easy to use, plus you can purchase it with Lightroom Presets too. Price point is very reasonable too. Here is a photo taken into Lightroom and then finished in Photoshop.Matthew_FI_Lighthouse_2_Logo

My Love of Photography

I can’t express how much I really love photography! Everyday I push myself to gain more knowledge so I can improve on my photos. I only wish what I know now, I knew when my children were growing up. I have to say…that my daughter is lucky she will have some really nice shots of her son to cherish as he grows. Photographing children can be challenging, but also quite fun. I love the little ones playfulness and sense of wonder. The little babies are so sweet and soft. Who doesn’t love that new baby smell? Newborns, babies firsts, toddlers and older children–it’s great to be able to capture their innocence through my camera…freezing the moment for all time…so the photos can be cherished. That is my goal! I hope that my love of photography will turn into a photo that you will love and cherish!Matthew_FI_Lighthouse_Logo

Christmas Cards-Lightroom & Photoshop

Here is a Christmas card I created from the photo shoot yesterday. Took the photo into Adobe Lightroom and then into Adobe Photoshop. Used some presets and actions from They have AWESOME stuff! I love playing with all the actions, presets and overlays they have created! So, here’s hoping you have a merry and bright Christmas!Wishing You with logo

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Allison Connors is a Long Island, NY photographer specializing in {artistic, natural, inviting} newborn, children, family photography and Photo Art.

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